Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunmmer Birhtday and Friends

This has been a wonderful Summer here in MN . The weather had been so...good,not to hot and very few humid days..and glorious cool nights..Oh how I love MN ..I know that there is still Summer left...but yet again it is half over.

Pete and I have taken some day trips on the weekends we went to a Art gallery in Grand Rapids MN to a Photo exhibit and it was fantastic ,of course I love Photography over Paintings any day all though I do like Pottery and various other forms of art well it's not that I don' t like Paintings I do there are some spectacular pieces but I just prefer Photo's and Black and Whites over Colors for Black and Whites the
interpretation is left up to the viewer and ones imagination.
I am getting a camera and hope that I can capture some unique Photos.. my niece by marriage Angela is a very talented Photographer and I hope she may consider doing some free lance and consider going into it in a professional direction when her and my nephew Gary's children grow up..but for now Conor and Addison are her main subjects and good ones they are for they are beautiful children ( I know I'm partial )but the pictures of them are truly pieces of art .. as Gary says He thinks Angela was a re noun photographer in a past life all I'm saying is that a talent like hers shouldn't be ignored or wasted in all truth it is not for she is preserving wonderful pictures of her family.

Well I turned 52 on the 6Th of July I always wondered if I would come to a point in my life that I would say like others have said that they weren't counting them anymore after this year I don't think I will come to that point nor do I want to..
Why..well I have lost three friends in the last I will gladly celebrate every Birthday as well as everyday blessed to be alive and to be thankful for that and the friends I have been blessed with to embrace Life and all that goes with it be it good or bad because the only other alternative to life is ..yes you got it....

The only other thing I can say is . Live ..Laugh ..and Love share it... it makes you feel good as well as those around

Love to All

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