Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Have Returned

I'm sorry I have been slack in in keeping up on blogging. Pete and I have taken a couple of trips close ,, one to Duluth, Mn to see his Aunt Mary where I also met two of his cousins ..Kitty and Gretchen we had a wonderful time went to church with his Aunt Mary and then to lunch with she and his cousins and then to a antique store one that Pete likes to go to when in Duluth . It was a very nice day in spite of the rain and cold.. The weather has really been cold here it feels more like Autumn than Spring however we are to get temps in the 80's come the first of next week.
This past weekend June 5Th through the 7Th we went to Calumet Michigan to Pete's sister Jane's. Calumet isn`t classified as a city but rather a village .. yes that is right a village.I truly love it has a peaceful aura about it a sleepy little town.. It is what some people may refer to as charming ..It is somewhat like stepping back in time. I took a walk down main street It has wonderful art gallery's galore there are so many area artist .. I guess one could call it is a artist haven and also they have some really neat shops and bookstores..I enjoy it so much every time I go there. I had the best time there this past weekend , while there Pete Jane and I went down to lake Superior built a fire and had a pasty which is a ethnic food here it's sorta like a calsone but far from being Italian. Peter's mother loved Pasty's and also the water so this is a tribute he and Jane have quite a bit when he visits Calumet..and in his thinking there is always a good reason for having a pastey. I have visited quite a few places since I have been here but being there by a fire on the lake was so spectacular and I can honestly say that it was the best time since I moved here. I guess one could say that if doen't take much to make this old girl happy..

It's out to dinner tomorrow night to some friends on the lake Peter helped them with a estate sale and he and two other guys were invited to dinner.I'm really looking forward to it and getting to know this couple more.

I'll close for now I'm starting to nod here at the computer . I will try to not be so long before I blog again.

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