Friday, July 24, 2009

News ? ? ?

News ? ? not alot here .. just enjoying a beautiful MN summer. The weather has been glorious.. cool.."" 70's maybe low 80's during the day low 50's at night /early AM "" not the norm but oh how glorious so much better than the humidity in Texas and also Virginia when I lived in those states.

I am a new Great Aunt my sister Debbie youngest son Stephen and girlfriend had a baby boy JONAS I love that name ..don`t hear it used that often my nephew Gary Stephen's older brother posted the info and Pic on face book ... I do love face book it keeps you up on whats going on where otherwise you may not know..

I don't remember if I blogged about my Table a friend here gave a Table to me .it is a antique (around a 100 years old ... Pete said.... and he knows his antiques ) I refinished it.. my first piece and I do have to say I did a good job of which others have commented on also.I really enjoyed am looking forward to doing more in the future.



Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunmmer Birhtday and Friends

This has been a wonderful Summer here in MN . The weather had been so...good,not to hot and very few humid days..and glorious cool nights..Oh how I love MN ..I know that there is still Summer left...but yet again it is half over.

Pete and I have taken some day trips on the weekends we went to a Art gallery in Grand Rapids MN to a Photo exhibit and it was fantastic ,of course I love Photography over Paintings any day all though I do like Pottery and various other forms of art well it's not that I don' t like Paintings I do there are some spectacular pieces but I just prefer Photo's and Black and Whites over Colors for Black and Whites the
interpretation is left up to the viewer and ones imagination.
I am getting a camera and hope that I can capture some unique Photos.. my niece by marriage Angela is a very talented Photographer and I hope she may consider doing some free lance and consider going into it in a professional direction when her and my nephew Gary's children grow up..but for now Conor and Addison are her main subjects and good ones they are for they are beautiful children ( I know I'm partial )but the pictures of them are truly pieces of art .. as Gary says He thinks Angela was a re noun photographer in a past life all I'm saying is that a talent like hers shouldn't be ignored or wasted in all truth it is not for she is preserving wonderful pictures of her family.

Well I turned 52 on the 6Th of July I always wondered if I would come to a point in my life that I would say like others have said that they weren't counting them anymore after this year I don't think I will come to that point nor do I want to..
Why..well I have lost three friends in the last I will gladly celebrate every Birthday as well as everyday blessed to be alive and to be thankful for that and the friends I have been blessed with to embrace Life and all that goes with it be it good or bad because the only other alternative to life is ..yes you got it....

The only other thing I can say is . Live ..Laugh ..and Love share it... it makes you feel good as well as those around

Love to All

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Have Returned

I'm sorry I have been slack in in keeping up on blogging. Pete and I have taken a couple of trips close ,, one to Duluth, Mn to see his Aunt Mary where I also met two of his cousins ..Kitty and Gretchen we had a wonderful time went to church with his Aunt Mary and then to lunch with she and his cousins and then to a antique store one that Pete likes to go to when in Duluth . It was a very nice day in spite of the rain and cold.. The weather has really been cold here it feels more like Autumn than Spring however we are to get temps in the 80's come the first of next week.
This past weekend June 5Th through the 7Th we went to Calumet Michigan to Pete's sister Jane's. Calumet isn`t classified as a city but rather a village .. yes that is right a village.I truly love it has a peaceful aura about it a sleepy little town.. It is what some people may refer to as charming ..It is somewhat like stepping back in time. I took a walk down main street It has wonderful art gallery's galore there are so many area artist .. I guess one could call it is a artist haven and also they have some really neat shops and bookstores..I enjoy it so much every time I go there. I had the best time there this past weekend , while there Pete Jane and I went down to lake Superior built a fire and had a pasty which is a ethnic food here it's sorta like a calsone but far from being Italian. Peter's mother loved Pasty's and also the water so this is a tribute he and Jane have quite a bit when he visits Calumet..and in his thinking there is always a good reason for having a pastey. I have visited quite a few places since I have been here but being there by a fire on the lake was so spectacular and I can honestly say that it was the best time since I moved here. I guess one could say that if doen't take much to make this old girl happy..

It's out to dinner tomorrow night to some friends on the lake Peter helped them with a estate sale and he and two other guys were invited to dinner.I'm really looking forward to it and getting to know this couple more.

I'll close for now I'm starting to nod here at the computer . I will try to not be so long before I blog again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Emily ETC...

Emily (my Calico Cat ) is doing better I feel ..she is acting more herself.I had called a couple of vets to check on cost and the lowest is approx.. $125 to $185 to do a initial exam.. I`m just going to keep a eye on her and play it by ear..

The Memorial day weekend is here.. there is going to be a Grand-Opening of the Depot Museum Park// Heritage Society the two have merged .. at the Depot museum here...there will be a Band from the Twin Cities State Fair Donuts it seems People drool when they hear those three words State fair Donuts....I will try some to see what all the hype is... and drool... .they will have clowns and face painting for the children cotton candy for children young and old...and the Girl Scouts will be selling hot-dogs and soda...the dedication of the park will be at noon on this Saturday all in all I feel that it will be a good day.. I hope the weather is good at the present they are calling for a nice day,

The weather here today was beautiful took a walk to town the pollen was thick Spring fluffy snow is what I call it.

I think I will take another walk after finishing this and embrace the nice weather Spring... it flees so fast and the winters are long I love both of them and enjoy what the two have to offer ...

well off for my walk...

Monday, May 18, 2009


I haven`t blogged lately for no other reason than just plain laziness and not much to blog about.. I have joined Facebook and Myspace have been researching (looking for family and friends that I have lost contact with ) it is great to find these people... seems no one writes letters or even calls much.., it is so very easy to lose contact.This may not sound right but if you know me.. I think you can follow what I`m saying becomes so easy to forget those that we have forgot to remember.

The thing. I love most about these two sites is seeing Pictures of those I love... My nephew Gary and his wife Angela are always posting pictures of my great- nephew Connor and My great-niece Addison... they are so precious and I cherish seeing these pictures more than I can express. I just joined Myspace and they have I guess you would call it a video..with music that accompanies it I watch it and watch it then watch it some more and every time I do it tugs at my heart and brings tears to my eyes.. Angela is a exceptional photographer of which I would hope she would pursue as a side career.. a talent such as hers should not be wasted which in reality it is not being wasted for she is preserving pictures of her precious family..maybe when the children have grown she will pursue being a freelance photographer as Gary said she was probably such in a past life.....My friend Connie ( Hi Connie ).. her daughter Shannon also post pictures of her daughter Rylee Connie`s grand-daughter they also are so special.. to see these babies grow befor the are grown when you aren`t close enough to see them personally helps you be connected at the different stages of their lives and doing so you see them grow via on-line...

My calico cat Emily hasn`t been acting herself ...of which has me concerned I`ve called her Vet (Debbie MacKay) which is a home vet... doing just that coming to your home and she is a fantastic vet .. and sooooo.............much more reasonable than taking ones pet to a vet in a office. Dr. Hanson a wonderful vet has a office right next to where I live but before ones pet`s paw crosses the threshold of the door at the office you`ve already spent $80.and that is totally beyond my means... I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Emily she is family to me which I know all of you that have pets can identify with.
I will blog again soon... well... will try not to be so long between blogs

Friday, May 8, 2009

Keep On Blogging

I haven`t blogged for a couple of days ...not alot going on . I`ve been catching up on some reading..and taking alot of walks the weather has been beautiful..there is a peaceful...aura to MN one truly has to live here or spend there summers partially on the lakes in MN to understand or identify with what I`m saying...maybe it`s because I live in a small town but I`v traveled over other parts of MN and no matter where the peaceful calling of nature calls you in one way or another..when I came to MN in 2006 and was getting ready to fly back to Va before moving here, I spoke to a couple of airline workers and relayed how friendly and warm the people are here and they told me that is what is called Mn nice..well it is true a laid back back don`t hurry enjoy life type of outlook which should be the way it should be no matter where one comes from.. I`ve lived in in 5 different states and it is not the norm for most places..

I went to the tanning booth today the first time I..have ever used one .. I want to just get a base tan wheter I continue it after that will just have to see.

I need to go and do my exercise glider I usually try to do it at least 45 min every day it is so easy to let one day go by then another and befor you know it's standing there screaming please don`t use me as a place to hang clothes.....I would store up against the wall befor I`d hang clothes on it...nope couldn`t handle that..

Will try to keep up on my blogging...I guess for me it is like the exercise... just do it.
well I blogged... so glider here I come.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well like it is said .."I`m not getting any younger kid" I heard it somewhere... may be ? ? ? it was my conscious,..I walked to the Hallett Community Fitness Center today...about a 2 mile walk one way...I decided to join when one gets to be my age..then it is time .. let me put that a different way.when I became my age and took into account . my health and things that I could do to help it . I knew I needed to decide to commit to doing my part in keeping myself fit.

The fee isn't. bad.will do some work there if I need to assistance with the cost which will help as it is said where there is a will there is a way. I also got a bike from the police auction last year so have taken to riding it,, has been years since I`ve rode a bike.. was a little concerning to me at first but am getting into the swing of it a gain only one thing the seat on it is torture ....will get a more comfortable seat for I don't want deter me from using it..I will give progress notes I will probably be sore in places that I didn't know existed..I`ve been exercising on a glider and have had many tell me that I look as though I've lost weight ..Nope no weight just inches but I hope that Gym will help me sheds some pounds I know inches are good though for they to are the fruit of our labors.
I have to admit this old girl is falling to sleep at the keyboard so need to heed the call and go to bed,