Friday, July 24, 2009

News ? ? ?

News ? ? not alot here .. just enjoying a beautiful MN summer. The weather has been glorious.. cool.."" 70's maybe low 80's during the day low 50's at night /early AM "" not the norm but oh how glorious so much better than the humidity in Texas and also Virginia when I lived in those states.

I am a new Great Aunt my sister Debbie youngest son Stephen and girlfriend had a baby boy JONAS I love that name ..don`t hear it used that often my nephew Gary Stephen's older brother posted the info and Pic on face book ... I do love face book it keeps you up on whats going on where otherwise you may not know..

I don't remember if I blogged about my Table a friend here gave a Table to me .it is a antique (around a 100 years old ... Pete said.... and he knows his antiques ) I refinished it.. my first piece and I do have to say I did a good job of which others have commented on also.I really enjoyed am looking forward to doing more in the future.



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