Monday, May 18, 2009


I haven`t blogged lately for no other reason than just plain laziness and not much to blog about.. I have joined Facebook and Myspace have been researching (looking for family and friends that I have lost contact with ) it is great to find these people... seems no one writes letters or even calls much.., it is so very easy to lose contact.This may not sound right but if you know me.. I think you can follow what I`m saying becomes so easy to forget those that we have forgot to remember.

The thing. I love most about these two sites is seeing Pictures of those I love... My nephew Gary and his wife Angela are always posting pictures of my great- nephew Connor and My great-niece Addison... they are so precious and I cherish seeing these pictures more than I can express. I just joined Myspace and they have I guess you would call it a video..with music that accompanies it I watch it and watch it then watch it some more and every time I do it tugs at my heart and brings tears to my eyes.. Angela is a exceptional photographer of which I would hope she would pursue as a side career.. a talent such as hers should not be wasted which in reality it is not being wasted for she is preserving pictures of her precious family..maybe when the children have grown she will pursue being a freelance photographer as Gary said she was probably such in a past life.....My friend Connie ( Hi Connie ).. her daughter Shannon also post pictures of her daughter Rylee Connie`s grand-daughter they also are so special.. to see these babies grow befor the are grown when you aren`t close enough to see them personally helps you be connected at the different stages of their lives and doing so you see them grow via on-line...

My calico cat Emily hasn`t been acting herself ...of which has me concerned I`ve called her Vet (Debbie MacKay) which is a home vet... doing just that coming to your home and she is a fantastic vet .. and sooooo.............much more reasonable than taking ones pet to a vet in a office. Dr. Hanson a wonderful vet has a office right next to where I live but before ones pet`s paw crosses the threshold of the door at the office you`ve already spent $80.and that is totally beyond my means... I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Emily she is family to me which I know all of you that have pets can identify with.
I will blog again soon... well... will try not to be so long between blogs


MN Mom said...

Oh my poor Emily...I hope she feels better really soon. Angel goes back and forth with not feeling too hot as well...but they can't find anything and she bounces right back. I think Emily will too. How old is she, I forget?
I am on face book but have never gone on that site. So many friends keep asking me to add them and I don't know how. Shannon is going to help me.
Also, I am officially tagging you to play alond with my six words blog...I'll call you.

Darlene said...

Emily is nine I will feel better once Debbie Mac Kay checks her out.. will be great to see you Shannon and meet Rylee safe will keep you in my prayers for your trip.