Monday, May 4, 2009


Well like it is said .."I`m not getting any younger kid" I heard it somewhere... may be ? ? ? it was my conscious,..I walked to the Hallett Community Fitness Center today...about a 2 mile walk one way...I decided to join when one gets to be my age..then it is time .. let me put that a different way.when I became my age and took into account . my health and things that I could do to help it . I knew I needed to decide to commit to doing my part in keeping myself fit.

The fee isn't. bad.will do some work there if I need to assistance with the cost which will help as it is said where there is a will there is a way. I also got a bike from the police auction last year so have taken to riding it,, has been years since I`ve rode a bike.. was a little concerning to me at first but am getting into the swing of it a gain only one thing the seat on it is torture ....will get a more comfortable seat for I don't want deter me from using it..I will give progress notes I will probably be sore in places that I didn't know existed..I`ve been exercising on a glider and have had many tell me that I look as though I've lost weight ..Nope no weight just inches but I hope that Gym will help me sheds some pounds I know inches are good though for they to are the fruit of our labors.
I have to admit this old girl is falling to sleep at the keyboard so need to heed the call and go to bed,


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MN Mom said...

No one is getting any younger that is for sure.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Ole! I'm babysitting-Shannon & Jon are out celebrating.