Friday, May 8, 2009

Keep On Blogging

I haven`t blogged for a couple of days ...not alot going on . I`ve been catching up on some reading..and taking alot of walks the weather has been beautiful..there is a peaceful...aura to MN one truly has to live here or spend there summers partially on the lakes in MN to understand or identify with what I`m saying...maybe it`s because I live in a small town but I`v traveled over other parts of MN and no matter where the peaceful calling of nature calls you in one way or another..when I came to MN in 2006 and was getting ready to fly back to Va before moving here, I spoke to a couple of airline workers and relayed how friendly and warm the people are here and they told me that is what is called Mn nice..well it is true a laid back back don`t hurry enjoy life type of outlook which should be the way it should be no matter where one comes from.. I`ve lived in in 5 different states and it is not the norm for most places..

I went to the tanning booth today the first time I..have ever used one .. I want to just get a base tan wheter I continue it after that will just have to see.

I need to go and do my exercise glider I usually try to do it at least 45 min every day it is so easy to let one day go by then another and befor you know it's standing there screaming please don`t use me as a place to hang clothes.....I would store up against the wall befor I`d hang clothes on it...nope couldn`t handle that..

Will try to keep up on my blogging...I guess for me it is like the exercise... just do it.
well I blogged... so glider here I come.

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MN Mom said...

It is hard to blog everyday when nothing happens. I feel like that a lot with my boring life there is not much to say that is worth reading.
Hope you had a nice Mother's Day. If you're a mother to a pet it counts! And you are, hi to miss Emily.