Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wide Awake

I`m wide awake and here it is 1:15 AM.I just finished watching some Tv.. my neighbor taped last nights Grey`s Anatomy.and the Private Practice two of my favorite shows, they both were good but the finale on the Private Practice was a nail biting close your eyes jump out of your seat sort of finale.. one I`m sure I will be thinking about until the new season starts back in Sept and oh that seems so far away..when you have to wait to see what`s going to happen
Well my friend Pete,.. that I said was going back to VA well I`m sad to say he won`t be able to , his truck broke down won`t start at all.and so that puts a damper on his plans .. he was so looking forward to the trip,seeing his son Morgan friends and family and taking care of some business..but as he said and I to believe things happen for a reason.
Pete and I are talking about canoeing the Pine River on Saturday .could be said to be a sexy river the way that God has cut it out and the beauty in which flows each river has a flavor of its own I`m sure those that canoe will understand this analogy or comparison. He said there are alot if eagles on the Pine and I so want to see one up close and personal.MN has alot of eagles but I have yet to see one.I hope I get that chance this time.
Kaye Gillman came in to town and I went with her to run some errands , We went to Pete`s afterwards and I grilled some chicken or attempted to . I could not understand why it was taking so long to cook. Kaye was so gracious but I knew she was hungry and had to get home. Pete went to check things and he was out of propane so dinner was completed on the stove..all worked out, the dinner was good and we all had a relaxing good time , really need to try to get some sleep (it`s 2:00 AM) . will check . some e-mails and then get some Zzzz`s or a least hope to. I feel like two of the Seven Dwarfs Sleepy... for I`m so tired and Dopey because that's how I get when I can`t sleep well sometimes I`m dopey with sleep but can use it as a excuse this time .


MN Mom said...

How different we all are-John and I canoed down the Little Pine once a long time ago. It sticks out in my mind as one of the worst experiences of my life! The day was dreary, we got rained on, we went the whole 26 miles (I think it was 26 miles to where we left the second vehicle.) The river was low and there was no flowing along it was hard paddleing all the way. The only bright side was that my mom insisted we not take Shannon who was little at the time. She made us leave her at Grandma's. Boy was she right! We were gone from early AM to late night, no food, no water, no fun!
But the good news is I never have to do it again. From now on I'll enjoy the Little Pine from the road only.
I hope you have a better time, I'm sure you will. FYI don't go as far as we did. The beginning few miles was the pretty after that it was just long.

MN Mom said...
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MN Mom said...

Hey Dee, did you read my post called "thank you"? Shannon did something special for my birthday, you should read it. C