Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First time Blogger

Well here I go ..this is new to me.. so please if I bore you SORRY....I`ve had a great day and now am sitting here blogging as I sit my the window and enjoying the cool Spring Mn breeze coming through .I feel there is not a season that isn`t wonderful in Mn but most of all beautiful..I know all don`t agree for the cold is hard for some to tolerate and Oh does it get cold..call me crazy but winter in Mn is my favorite time of year. I feel Spring is next in line for the lakes thaw and the beloved Loon returns.. children's voices of laughter and such fill the street.. people out walking their dogs that have been house bound all winter,on my walk the other day there were five people that I saw walking their dogs and some had two .. well the dogs were walking their masters for they were so happy to be out and about...The sunsets any time of year here are beautiful.. but in the Spring and Fall they have a certain crisp beauty to them. I love to go down to the lake at night and build a fire in the full moon.. for as the moon shines upon the lake it makes a walkway across the water I love, love, love, that sight.I then love Fall third the cool evenings return..and then the artistry of god`s paint brush upon the leaves reflecting on the leaves is one beautiful sight to see. I also love Spring and Fall for it is great canoe time and then you see the Blue Heron beavers etc taking their respective places on the lakes.. now Summer is another story not ...my favorite..here..they have mosquito`s as big as hummingbirds and the darn things come in flocks not one by one the whole darn clan descends upon you....I know they have mosquito repellent but you need to soak your self in a vat before going out at night..maybe not that bad but Summer is not my favorite time of year in MN .. There is another experience that as a rookie to Mn my friend Pete told me I would enjoy and that is a Mn thunderstorm and boy is he right...the whole darn sky lights up and I mean the whole sky or so it seems. the sky will light up(all of it )and then thunder that sounds like the clashing of cymbals . then there is a echo of the rumbling thunder as it fades away and then the a moment of silence and then music starts again. you know i never thought of it but it would fit perfectly with Phantom of the Opera... Mn fish opener will be here soon the lakes will welcome all (everybody is in a good mood) people are putting their boats pontoons canoes in the water and yes jet ski`s too the smiles speak volumes...well I guess you can tell I Love Mn , why shouldn`t. I it`s HOME.

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