Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Learning The Ropes

Today is a attempt at my second blog entry, I`m still learning the ropes. a great friend sent me the correct.way to to let others read my blog, after I share this info I hope I will receive some comments..good ones I hope ! !
The special; someone in my life Pete is making a trip back to Virgina leaving Saturday the 2Nd of May, this Saturday... I was going to go but after changing my mind a dozen times (who me )... changing my mind ? ? ? those who know me know that I change my mind as often as I do my furniture believe me that's alot..I have things to keep me busy here I am getting involved in the Cuyuna Historical Society will be making calls and the such.. "the Phone " is right up my alley. .Pete is the President
of the group.. all the members are really great people . hard committed workers in their.their work of preserving the History of this area. I `m happy that I can be useful in this way.

Pete is going to be gone a week to . I would of loved to go but lodging was to be a problem..He and his son Morgan have River property ..on the Cacapon River and will be getting it ready to sell the purpose of the trip to VA. . ..Cacapon means Healing Waters I don`n know about that.. but Beautiful Waters they are.. my first time in a canoe was on the Cacapon River a experience had.wonderful time ( canoeing on the river has a flavor all it`s own).... even when the canoe capsized and we got a compete dunking Pete, said I was a real trooper. I got back in the canoe soaked to the bone and continued like nothing happened.there was not anthing that could be done about it.. so why make a fuss.
Pete and Morgan will be camping up at the River most of the time he is in Va...getting the property ready for sale.. there is alot for them to do a more than a weeks worth of work but . but they will do what they can before retuning to their jobs. I will miss him but there is alot to do here ...the week go by quickly..and my new found pass time blogging will help too Ha ha
Well until the next Post take care and God Bless

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